by Tolerate

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released July 4, 2013

Reaper Records



all rights reserved


TOLERATE Watertown, New York


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Track Name: Choke
It’s all just talk, you put on a disguise. To conceal your image, you hide what’s inside. I’ve got no respect for you left, when it’s your own neck you’re concerned to protect. One look at you is enough for me, to know you’ll mimic everything you see. Standing by your friends when they needed it most. You were nowhere near to fucking show. When you say the words you start to choke, a promise I made I never broke.
Track Name: Face Up To It
It’s time to pay the price for all that you did, turned your back on us and all your true friends. Time is running out, what will you do? When there’s no one left to stand up for you. Face up to it. Watch your steps and watch your words. You tread lightly so you’re not even heard. Friendship gone, faded away. Can’t say I’m sorry that you didn’t stay. Talk down to us, we’ll talk down to you. Discriminate who I am your colors bleed through. I see you now for just what you are, a stranger passing by; you hide in the dark. When the fuck did you change? We’ll never be the same. Behind closed doors you make your moves. Stepping on others, making your own rules. Speaking freely you waste my time. It’s plain to see you’re no friend of mine.
Track Name: Out Of My Hands
Is it out of my hands? Not fucking yet. We worked so hard, won’t let you destroy it. Built this from the ground up, built this to last. You weren’t the first here and you won’t be the last. With every word you say I just grit my teeth, bite my tongue and wait to speak. The words you say and the way you think. You’re ignorant and it shows you’re weak.
Track Name: Walk The Walk
Swollen pride and inflated chest. It’s so ironic that you’re just second best. Trying to be something you’re not. You dress the part but can’t walk the walk. You’re worthless and pathetic and you talk a big game, but you’ll get it through your head one of these fucking days. Stab me in the back, I already know how it feels. Because you’ve been the one doing it for all these years. Dragging my fucking feet. Tired of what I see. To you this is just a trend. This friendship is fucking dead.